The Soft Materials Research Laboratory is an interdisciplinary research group developing synthetic polymers and nanocomposites for stretchable electronics, electromechanical, and photonic devices. We anticipate availability of postdoctoral positions to develop quantum dot nanocomposites, dielectric elastomers for muscle-like actuation, and solution-based coating of polymeric and nanomaterials.

 Required qualifications include:

1.   PhD in chemistry, polymer science, materials chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, or related fields;

2.   Strong hands-on experience in several of these fields: synthesis of quantum dots, perovskite crystal growth, materials development, synthesis of nanocomposites, nanomaterial processing, polymer thin film coating;

3.   Strong communication skill and interpersonal skill.
The appointment is initially for 1 year, and may be extended for up to 3 years. Interested candidates may contact Professor Qibing Pei at for further information.


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